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Bitcoin Accumulator & Decumulator

We are the first platform that offers Bitcoin Accumulator & Decumulator in the market. We offer price-competitive Bitcoin Accumulator & Decumulator contracts ranging from a week to a month. You can capture the upward or downward trend of Bitcoin steadily through investing in Bitcoin Accumulator or Decumulator

Only Bitcoin

We only accept Bitcoin deposit. All profit or loss are net settled in Bitcoin and we do not handle any fiat currency. This allows us to settle transactions efficiently. Once the contract is closed, we will send all your deposit plus any profit or loss to you


Security of user information and funds is our first priority. All Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal are handled manually and we only use cold wallet. We will not hold any Bitcoin for you outside contract period, and you are required to withdraw all your Bitcoin once the contract is closed


Bitcoin Accumulator is a derivative contract that allows you to buy a fixed amount of Bitcoin at a pre-determined price periodically. For example, you may enter into a Bitcoin Accumulator contract such that you are obliged to buy 1 BTC at 10,000 USD/BTC (regardless of change in market price) every day during the contract life. Usually, the contract price is better than the market price when the contract is opened, and therefore you can earn a steady profit even if the market price of Bitcoin does not change during contract life. Decumulator works in similar way but with an opposite direction, i.e. you are obliged to sell fixed amount of Bitcoin at a pre-determined price during the contract life.

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Crypto AQ is the first OTC platform in the market that offers Bitcoin Accumulator & Decumulator contracts to investors. Our net position in Bitcoin is nearly zero, as all contracts opened in our platforms are hedged with sophisticated financial instruments. Our founders have years of experience in trading securities, software engineering and risk control. Through our platform, you can have exposure to Bitcoin with tailor-made derivative contracts that suit your investment need. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Jacob Musa
Co-founder & CEO

Prior to founding Crypto APC, Jacob works in a first-tier Malaysia investment bank as an equity trader for four years and has in-depth experience in trading securities.

Daniel Daud
Co-founder & CTO

Daniel has worked in an Malaysia hedge fund as an IT manager for two years and also worked in the IT department of a Malaysia commercial bank as a software engineer for three years.

Simon Jones

Simon has four years of work experience in the risk department of a first-tier Malaysia investment bank and has in-depth knowledge on risk control strategy.