What is Crypto AQ?

Crypto AQ is the first OTC platform in the market that offers Bitcoin Accumulator & Decumlator contracts to investors. Our net position in Bitcoin is nearly zero, as all contracts opened in our platforms are hedged with sophisticated financial instruments. Our founders have years of experience in trading securities, software engineering and risk control. Through our platform, you can have exposure to Bitcoin with tailor-made derivative contracts that suit your investment need.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the Contact section or email us (info@cryptoaq.com). Our staff will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Who are the founders of Crypto AQ?

Jacob and Daniel founded Crypto AQ in 2017 October. Our team have a wide range of experience ranging from equity trading, software engineering to risk management. You can learn more about us from here.

What is the rationale of founding Crypto AQ?

With the increasing popularity of crypto-currency, we believe that sophisticated investors such as institutional investors should be able to enter into complex derivative contracts in crypto-currency market that suit their investment need. As accumulator and decumlator are very popular structured products in equity market, we believe Bitcoin market should also have something similar. That is why we founded Crypto AQ.

Do you have any PGP keys?

Our PGP key is as follow. We only have one PGP key. Please verify our message with only this PGP key.


Account Verification

How long does it take for my account to be verified?

It takes around 3 to 5 business days. Depending on your application, we may request additional information to verify your account. Please check your email for further updates. If any of the information you submitted during registration is false, we have the rights to terminate your account immediately.

Is it necessary for me to submit Passport Photo in registering account?

Customer due diligence is very important to us and therefore it is necessary for us to verify your identity. The Passport Photo should contain at least your photo, your name and passport number.

Bitcoin Deposit

How secure is my Bitcoin deposit?

We only temporarily store your Bitcoin deposit for the duration of the contract, and all Bitcoin will be returned to you once the contract is closed. As our frequency of deposit and withdrawal is relatively low, all Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal are handled by our staff manually. All your Bitcoin deposit will be stored in a cold wallet which only our staff has physical access to.

Will you accept fiat currency?

No. We only handle Bitcoin at the moment.

How much confirmation is needed for my Bitcoin deposit?

3 confirmations are required.

How can I deposit my Bitcoin?

Once the contract has been agreed by both side, we will provide a Bitcoin address for you (which is PGP signed) to deposit your Bitcoin within a specific time interval. Each deposit is linked with a single contract only. We do not provide any wallet service.


What products do you offer?

We mainly offer Bitcoin Accelerator and Decelerator contract at the moment. Please refer to the Products section for further details. Please contact us if you would like to have any other tailor-made products.

What is the minimum contract size for Bitcoin Accumulator or Decumulator?

We only handle contract with a minimum No. of Bitcion per Day of 3 BTC for Bitcoin Accumulator or Decumulator. As each contract requires complex modeling and hedging strategy, we currently do not accept contract with a size less than that.

Can you give an example of the P&L calculation of Bitcoin Accumulator or Decumulator?

Please refer here.

What is Deposit Hedging Feature?

Please refer here.

How is the strike price and contract deposit determined?

We use sophisticated financial model to calculate the optimal strike price and contract deposit amount. Usually, the strike price we offer will be better than the current market price.

Can I withdraw my contract balance before the contract closed?

No. Withdrawal is only allowed after the contract closed.

What is Reference Price?

Reference Price is a time-weighted USD/BTC Index Price from 23:00 UTC of prior day till 00:00 UTC , calculated on each settlement. We currently refer to the average trading price of major Bitcoin exchanges as Index Price. Please refer to the specific terms of the contract for the exact calculation formula of Reference Price and Index Price.

What if my contract balance dropped below zero?

The contract will be automatically closed once the contract balance is equal or less than zero.